Unable to recieve administrator priv.

Anders C. Thorsen anders at aae.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 13 07:26:38 GMT 2000

HEAD is _far_ from beeing a stable release. the only suggestion i have
is the "admin users =" parameter. Did you look at David Bannons FAQs?

Also, I'd recommend using the SAMBA_2_2 Branch, as it's functionality
does not differ a lot from HEAD, and it's on it's way to become the stable


On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 09:46:29AM -0500, Stan Zolinski wrote:
> I am finally running Samba 3.0 (HEAD) as a PDC for win2000. Unfortunately I can't seem to give myself administrative privileges. Can someone please help??
> Thank you
> Stan Zolinski
> McMaster University

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