security=user vs security=share and browsing, printers guests..etc

Gary Leydon gary.leydon at
Mon Nov 13 16:39:41 GMT 2000

I've got samba v2.0.6 running on mandrake v7.0, kernel 2.2.14.
What I want to do is set up all my printers in /etc/printcap to be
accessible to any Win user without needing a password. This only seems to
work if I use security = share and then specify guest ok in the [printers]
section. When I have security = user and then go to a win nt v4.0 post sp5
and try to find the computer via start find/computer it doesn't find the
server. It also fails if I just try to create a printer via

If I go look at log.smb ( i've got log level set to 3) I can see that there
is a negotiation occuring and ultimately the server says can't find password
for user x and it fails. I thought that guest ok and or guest account = x
would let anyone connect to or browse shares and indeed this does work but
ONLY if I've got user=share.

Is this just the way it works or is there something I'm missing. I've got
use encrypted passwords on. If you set security = users then you have to
create a unix and smbpasswd account for every user on any machine you want
to allow to user and or browse printers ( or shares with guest ok?)

thanks for any insight

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Gary Leydon
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