SMB LM/NT Password did not match!

Larry James ljames at
Sat Nov 11 20:40:00 GMT 2000

     When I was having the problem it seemed that my Windows 98 machine
was not set as the same domain and workgroup as the Samba PDC.  I'm not
sure if the workgroup matters so much, but I believe the domain option
for your Windows machine is a must to be the same.
     I don't know how to set this in WinNT but in Win98 you go into
network properties and set the properties of the Client for Microsoft
Network for the appropriate domain.
			-- L. James

> From: "Jordi M" <jordi2242 at>
> To: samba-ntdom at
> Subject: SMB LM/NT Password did not match!
> Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 20:17:46 GMT
> Hello.
> I have installed Samba-TNG 2.6 and after configure it it's impossible to
> see 
> the shared resources from an NT wks 4.0 nor any windows 9x machine, nor
> the 
> samba box itself using sbmclient. In log.smb I get:
> SMB LM/NT Password did not match!
> Rejecting user 'jordi': authentication failed
> I know this problem has happened to a more than one person, and I have
> seen 
> some replies with (unuseful) solutions, for example:
> - In the NT user/password prompt: \\SAMBAMACHINE\user as user. It does
> not 
> work.
> - Reset machine account in samba box. It doesn't work. I have reset the 
> machine, the user account and everything I have around me (the only
> thing I 
> have not reset yet is my patience, but I will soon reset it and give up
> this 
> thing.)
> The user account exists in passwd and smbpasswd, and both passwords are 
> equal. Although I think it is not necessary, I have created also an
> account 
> for the machine I try to connect from.
> Here, we don't have a PDC. I'm only trying to configure samba-tng to act
> as 
> a stand alone box member of our group. You can ask why, in this case,
> don't 
> use samba-2.0.7? The reason is because my purpouse is to configure
> samba-tng 
> as our PDC, but before doing that I have to resolve this problem with
> the 
> user/password validation.

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