W2K and Profiles (Under Samba 2.2)

Georg Lutz georg.lutz at erc.de
Sat Nov 11 17:19:50 GMT 2000

Hi David,

did you tested it meanwhile?

Under NT4-PDC and NT4-Workstation we use a lot of policies.
Next year we want to migrate to Samba-PDC and all (new) computers will
be W2K-Workstations.

So its definitely shure that W2K will not accept ntconfig.pol any more?
Do you know of any other possibility to get policies work with w2k
without AD ?


David Bannon schrieb:
> Manea has sent me a message (see below) saying, quite authoritivly, that
> W2K is not going to honour NTCONFIG.POL after build 2128 (I'm using 2195).
> It will use Group Policies Objects under Active Directory. This seems to
> mean that a Samba PDC will not be able to do policies.
> Has anyone actually done some work on this ? Does it perhaps not apply when
> the W2K box is connecting to the domain in legacy mode ? If somebody has
> tried it, please let me know to save me having to make a policy file on my
> test system.


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