duplicated usernames, unknown account in NT "permissions" dialog (2.0.7)

Steve Gonzales gonzo at eng.lsu.edu
Fri Nov 10 13:43:58 GMT 2000

I have to agree.  Do NOT let everyone be a local Administrator.  This is
asking for much trouble.  If you must give a little to the users, place the
global Domain Users group into each local Power Users group.  This will
allow people to at least add printers, etc.  BUT it will not let them
administer the workstation.


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At 08:25 AM 09/11/2000 +0200, Schlomo Schapiro wrote:
>this is quite interesting, can you with this head 2.1pre-alpha also give
>users admin rights over THEIR computers only (each on his own) ?


really, get them out of this idea that should be admin of their own
machine, much easier ...


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