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Martin Radford martin at
Thu Nov 9 20:29:31 GMT 2000

> Hayden Wimmer wrote:
> > 
> > can samba validate from a ms domain controller 
> > running active directory??? active directory is supposed 
> > to be ldap compliant...
> Samba requires a mixed mode domain controller to 
> participate in a Windows 2000 domain ( as do WIndows NT 4
> domain members).

Is this another case of MS documenting something as working, when it
actually doesn't?  I'm looking at an MS document (which I've just
downloaded off their site), that states:

"Windows 2000 Active Directory provides excellent backwards
compatibility with your existing Windows NT-based environment.  For
example, you can continue to run Windows NT member servers.  You can
even add new Windows NT member servers to your environment after
you've switched it to native mode."

(Document from:
- note that I've retyped this, not cut-and-pasted) 

So - has anyone here tried adding an NT4 server to a native-mode Win2k
domain?  Or a Samba server?

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