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Thu Nov 9 16:56:45 GMT 2000

When you create a windows 2000 domain you have the choice of running your
domain as a mixed mode domain or native mode.

Native mode makes the domain totally campatible for windows 2000 servers
and clients, it is not compatible with win98 or samba.  If you run win98
there is a windows 2000 client you can install to be able to access native
mode servers.

Mixed mode is running your windows 2000 domain so that your win98, NT 4.0
and Samba servers are able to access the domain.

Also you should note that if you run your server in native mode you cannot
change back to native mode.  Becarefull with that.  Native mode has many
changes in the way MS networking works.


Pragyansmita Paul wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:
> > Hayden Wimmer wrote:
> > >
> > > can samba validate from a ms domain controller
> > > running active directory??? active directory is supposed
> > > to be ldap compliant...
> >
> > Samba requires a mixed mode domain controller to
> > participate in a Windows 2000 domain ( as do WIndows NT 4
> > domain members).
> What is a mixed domain controller? Is it some other software and where
> should it be placed and how does it operate with the MS Active Directory
> and Samba? :-/
> Thanks in advance,
> Cheers,
> Pragyan.
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