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Pragyansmita Paul pragyan at cs.iitm.ernet.in
Thu Nov 9 21:30:09 GMT 2000

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Stan Zolinski wrote:

> I have Samba alpha 2.5 installed as a PDC for w2k and I have two error msg's that I hope someone could help me with.
> 1. when I run smbstatus it says connections.tdb is not initalised
I am not aware of this..sorry!!

> 2. in the log files it also says that codepage 000 doesn't exist 
> if someone could get back to me I would appreciate it.
Please go into /usr/local/samba/lib/codepages , you might not be having
any codepage.000, U cna do things to get away from this error..

1)  Create a link codepage.000 to codepage.850
2) Write in smb.conf
	client code page = 850
We solved this problem like this, there might be neater way out, but you
can use this till some expert solution comes your way.

Have a nice day,

> Stan Zolinski
> Mcmaster University 

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