Thanks for the help!!

Pragyansmita Paul pragyan at
Thu Nov 9 21:15:06 GMT 2000


We were just now able to use Samba TNG properly as PDC with Win 2K
Professional as clients. It is working fine. Only one poor Win 2K machine
refuses to join the other of its kind in the domain meant for them. We
feel it is because we had added it by using samedit. Is there soem thing
like if we use samedit and add a machine to SAM database other than
etc/passwd, then it will not join the domain? We are trying to delete that
machien from the SAM database using samedit, but it is not getting deleted

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped us
through this set-up. Hope one day, I will be able to help somebody in the
same manner.

Have a nice day,

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