duplicated usernames, unknown account in NT "permissions" dialog (2.0.7)

Schlomo Schapiro schapiro at clerk.pi.huji.ac.il
Thu Nov 9 06:25:15 GMT 2000


this is quite interesting, can you with this head 2.1pre-alpha also give
users admin rights over THEIR computers only (each on his own) ? I never
met a samba that was able to do this, all only give this "Account
Unknown" stuff :-(. 

Or do you have a clue when (and wether) this will appear in the 2.2 branch

This is actually the biggest problem since everybody wants to be boss on
his own computer and still be able to log on to all others and till now
this has prevented me from using Samba as PDC here :-(


On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, David Bannon wrote:

> At 03:42 PM 08/11/2000 +0100, dobos_s at IBCnet.hu wrote:
> >choose one of them (no meaning which one) and give it some rights and open
> >the dialog again I dont see the given user, but there is a new line:
> >XYZDOMAIN\Account unknown.
> Actually there isa samba that will do that, the old head 2.1pre-alpha does
> all that sort of thing quite well. I don't know if it is still available
> from the cvs and even if it was it was always a bit of 'pot luck' whether
> it worked or not. I can post you a tarball of a know working one if you
> like. (I've been using it for a couple of years...)
> That being the case, I assume TNG will do it too. www.samba-tng.org
> Or just wait around a bit and see if this functionality appears in 2.2
> which will, most likely be a more stable product.
> David
> >
> >The situation dont changes If I stop and start samba again, or if I restart
> >the ntws.
> >
> >This is the problem. Somebody will help me?
> >
> >ps1: Is there a samba version which is as stable as 207, but has more
> >functionality? (e.g. a cvs tarball?)
> >
> >ps2: Off-topic: Why got I a "Prohibited gate subscription" subjected
> >message from Mail.Delivery.System at f30.n451.z2.fidonet.org each time I write
> >to samba-ntdom?
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