2.2 and auto machine account creation with NT4

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Wed Nov 8 23:13:08 GMT 2000

Hi folks,

Now, I know that a number of people have been testing W2K with the 2.2 cvs
ability to create machine accounts 'on the fly' (with varying degrees of
success). But has anyone bothered to do the same with NT4 recently ?

I just found that the current cvs fails to do join when using the 'auto
system'. That is, using 'add user script' to make an entry in /etc/passwd
and then having samba make an entry in ~/smbpasswd, all with a domain
admin's (who is root) authority.

I found that the setup that works fine with W2K fails for NT4 :

The entry is created in /etc/passwd correctly.
The entry is created in ~/smbpasswd and the encrypted passwd string
includes the text 'NO PASSWORD'.
Then we receive the dreaded message on the client 'The account for this
computer either does not exist or is inaccessable'.

The old method of running smbpasswd -a -m {machine}  works fine. Its
interesting that the encrypted passwd string after doing appears to be just
random characters. Looks like  samba  is setting it incorrectly after
creating the entry in the auto mode.

Anyone else found these results ?

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