WfW troubles

Sergey Alexandrov serg at
Wed Nov 8 04:39:52 GMT 2000

Hi, All !!!

Long time I use samba-2.1.0-prealpha (Dec 1999)as company's file server & PDC.
All working good. I can join W2k WS to this PDC. OS - FreeBSD 3.2
I have alone WfW workstation. This thing work well too.

Now I try use latest samba-2.1, samba-2.2, samba-tng-alpha-2.6.
All work well - I can join W9x, WNT4, W2k to all this sambas, but have
only one problem - with WfW workstation. Problem: WfW can see ONLY files
with EXACTLY 8.3 format, i.e. when name is 8 chars length and ext. is 3 chars.
What's happened ? I install latest ICP/IP for WfW. Problem not away.
smb.conf files not change from one samba to another.
Repeat: ALL work well for me but WfW WS...

Help me, please.

Best, Serg <serg at>

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