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Wed Nov 8 01:43:08 GMT 2000

> Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 02:13:42 +0530 (IST)
> From: Pragyansmita Paul <pragyan at>
> To: samba-ntdom at
> Subject: Problem with samedit
> Hello,
> We have compiled and installed Samba TNG in one Linux machine as PDC.
> Though the Windows 2000 Professional client machines are able to see the
> PDC, when we try to access the machine, it does not accept the login
> name and password. We assume it is because we have not updated the SAM
> Database. Will anybody tell us if it is a correct guess?
No, you just enter the username with
'Your_TNG_Domain[TESTING]\username_of_your_TNG and the password with
'his/your password'

What do you want really to do?
You want to make your Win2K to be a member of your TESTING domain, so you
can login fron Win2K to your your TESTING domain?

> Now when we try to update the SAM Database using the following commands,
> we get the following response. Will somebody please help us?
> [root at xyz] /usr/local/samba/man/man8# samedit -S . -U root%abc
> added interface ip=a.b.c.d  bcast=a.b.c.255 nmask=
> [root at .]$ createuser test TESTING -p abc
> createuser test TESTING -p abc
> SAM Create Domain User
> Domain: TESTING Name: test ACB: [U          ]
> Create Domain User: FAILED

What kind of user is test? The user account (common user) or the machine
trust account?
But anyway, you must add the username in the /etc/passwd (RH).
If still failed, perhaps you must do rpcclient for the LSA query,
'rpcclient -S [your_PDC_name] -U % -c 'lsaq'


btw, I got this message from David when posting about Samba-TNG:
Hi, as this is a samba-tng question, you might do better sending it to the
samba-tng lists. Have a look at


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