2.0.7 and unknown account

Markus Mertinat Markus.Mertinat at Physik.Uni-Augsburg.DE
Tue Nov 7 15:29:22 GMT 2000

Hello all,

I'm using samba 2.0.7 at our chair with several NT boxes as clients.
The account mapping from samba/Linux to NT does not work properly:

1. If I add user rights for a file via explorer, everything is fine
   "domain/user", but if I reenter the dialog there is noted
   "domain/unknown account" (Konto unbekannt in german).
   (Same for local and domain admin)
2. Shares exported from one NT box cannot be used in another unless
   the share is Vollzugriff (full access?) for everyone! *ups*

As I learned from the mailing archive, this seem to be problems
one has to live with, which I can hardly understand!

What solution should I try? Is something wrong with my config?
(Included as attachment, swat produced)
Or should I use 2.2alpha or TNG, both not recommended for 
production environments?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.
And yeah, I nearly forgot: I like samba very much, nice piece
of software, thank you, guys!

Dipl.-Phys. Markus Mertinat
Institut fuer Physik, Universitaet Augsburg
eMail and postal address under
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