Tool/Utility or Procedure to Logon to Domain without Restarting Win98

Larry James ljames at
Tue Nov 7 05:34:17 GMT 2000

     On my Novell side, I can log into the Novel network from any of the
clients by right using the guest access to get to a public resource that
has the login tools, run Login and have access.
     Is there a way to do this under samba?  It would seem that the
first thing needed is for a guest user to be able to log without having
a password.  I've already attempted this by setting up a guest account
with "no password".  On the Linux machine, if I type this name in on the
login prompt, it will go into the system (of course without
privileges).  Now I'm trying to make this guest account do the same
thing under samba.  However, the log indicates:

domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user guest in
domain OLYMPUS t
o Domain controller \\. (status=0xc0000064).
SMB LM/NT Password did not match!
Rejecting user 'guest': authentication failed
     The authentication fails.  There isn't a password, just a name.
I've given access to a public area to get to basic tools (to start
     Can someone tell me if there is a way to allow a guest account into
the system?
     Also, is there some type of command or set of tools that could be
gotten for the Win98 client machine to execute a domain login without
rebooting or shutting down the applications.
     At present, you have a menu option to log off the current user from
Windows 98.  This will close all the open applications.  It would be
ideal if the "net logon" command would work.  However, it error's "You
cannot do this from within an MS-DOS window.  Is there any other version
of this application that could be run? or any other tools?
     Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.
			-- L. James

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