Does Samba support Win2K as clients?

Pragyansmita Paul pragyan at
Mon Nov 6 20:59:05 GMT 2000


I would like to know if Samba ver.2.0.7 support Windows 2000 Professional
as clients? And if not, is there any work going on in this direction?   

I have got an environment of Windows Professional (i.e, Windows 2000
clients) and Linux systems, and I would like to use them such that each
user has just one account and they are able to use their file system no
matter where they login. And the login information should be maintained at
only one place, so that each user has to remember just one login and one

We plan to use a Linux system as Domain Controller. The Linux clients can
authenticate themselves by using NIS and using NFS to mount the system. We
want to use Samba to authenticate and mount the file system for Windows
Professional clients from Linux. Can anybody tell if this is possible and
if yes, can you suggest any source of information which can help us do it?

Thanks in advance,
Have a nice day,

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