Samba 2.2.0 with this patch allows Win2K to join domain

Inge-Håvard Hunstad inge at
Mon Nov 6 10:43:10 GMT 2000

"F.W.J.Wiegerinck" wrote:
> In my opinion this suggests that you already have an active session to
> your server. The same error will occure when you're trying to access
> 2 shares with 2 different usernames on the same server.
> Maybe it helps when you have a clean boot from your workstation with
> no open sessions to any station in the network.
> Good luck,
> Frank Wiegerinck
> P.S. Sorry for my poor english

To see connections to other computers type "net use" in a cmd shell.
Then you can do a "net use \\computername\sharename[\volume] /delete" to
remove the connection. I have to say that usualy this works but not


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