Trust Relationship still not work

yaya dyaya_2000 at
Mon Nov 6 02:54:05 GMT 2000

I use samba-TNG 2.2.6.
I have two domains here. One is the Samba Domain and the other is NT Domain.
Samba Domain = SAMBA
NT Domain = AIPL

In my smb.conf .... just a part of that:

    workgroup = SAMBA
    security = domain
    trusted domains = AIPL=NTSERVER
    trusting domains = AIPL

I tried to make trust relationship between these two domains where the Samba
Domain is the trusting or the trusted of the NT Domain.
In Samba I run the comment, after samedit or the rpcclient comment,
'createuser AIPL$ -i -p [password]'
'createuser NTSERVER$ -p [password]'

In NT, I establish Trust Relationship with User Manager for Domain, it looks
worrk cause I get the message "Trust relationship established...." (Sorry I
forgot the details message).

But after all ... I couldn't access the NT Resources from Samba and I
couldn't I access Samba Resources from NT.
Is there something I miss?
Should I need to add password in 'createuser AIPL$ -i -p [password]' and
'createuser NTSERVER$ -p [password]'?

Sorry for my bad English.


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