Honouring eXecute permissions on NT?

Martin Radford martin at zamenhof.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 20:03:14 GMT 2000

I wrote:

> Perhaps of the gurus could at least point us mortals to the place in
> the source where the changes need to be made?

in reply to which, Phil Mayers wrote:

> I think the point it, it's not that easy.

Neither was implementing an open-source SMB server, but the Samba team
did it.  Seriously, though, this functionality is implemented by NT
systems, presumably through one or more SMB calls which return the
permissions set on a file or directory.  Armed with this knowledge, it
should be fairly straightforward (although possibly time-consuming,
depending on the number of calls involved) to add this functionality
to Samba.  If the Samba team feel this is important, they may well
implement it themselves; if they don't, then someone who does want it
will need to do it.  I'm willing to at least take a look at it, but
with little knowledge of how the code fits together it won't be easy
for me.  If someone can suggest where I need to look, then it'll be

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