Swat with Samba-TNG Fails?

Larry James ljames at hera.apollo3.com
Sat Nov 4 13:41:28 GMT 2000

     There's some element differnt with swat from version samba-2.0.7
and samba-tng.  In my effort to find the element, I renamed my
/usr/local/samba directory to a /usr/local/samba.tng.  Then I reinstalled
2.0.7.  Then I logged into swat with a browser using any name that's
included in my /etc/passwd file.  It worked every time.  The only
difference was that only root could make changes to the smb.conf file.
     Now I ran make uninstall on the version 2.0.7.  Then I ran make
install on the version TNG.  Then I replaced my original
/usr/local/samba directory.  Now when I try to log into swat using a
browser, any username/password fails.  I'm sure this happened to some of
the others when they moved from samba to samba-tng.  What was some of
the things you had to do to be able to use swat after the move?
     Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.
			-- L. James

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