Password for Swat fails

Larry James ljames at
Fri Nov 3 19:37:57 GMT 2000

     Can someone advise me on how to configure Swat
(samba-tng-alpha.2.6) so that I can log in.  Logging in wasn't a problem
before switching from version 2.0.7 to TNG.  I get a password prompt and
not of the passwords work.  I try to log in as root, as well as other
accounts that are listed in both the /etc/passwd (linux) and the
/etc/local/samba/private/smbpasswd accounts.
     It won't even allow me to go to the  I
believe the over versions allow access to some of the areas but would
not allow you to make changes unless you were the root account.
     I checked the configuration by adding the -a to the inetd.conf
file, where in this case it will come up okay.  However, of course for
security purposes, this can't remain.
     Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.
				-- L. James

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