SAMBA--WINDOWS NETLOGON/ batchfile blues!!!

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Fri Nov 3 17:38:49 GMT 2000

Are you sure that using path like \\SERVER\SHARE\directory\file
in "copy" program works properly ?
Maybe you should try to mount (ie. map) the share via "net use ...", 

Give me notice if it works.


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00-11-03 11:26

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        Temat:  SAMBA--WINDOWS NETLOGON/ batchfile blues!!!

    OK, I have Samba running as a PDC, I have a working batch file in
the netlogon share. I was editing my batch file, to automatically add a
new program to all users desktops, but I can't seem to get one line to
work right. If I copy the file to C:\windows\desktop, it works, but my
problem is that all of the users info for their desktop is stored in
C:\windows\profiles\THEIR USER NAME\desktop. Ok this is the line of the
batch file I'm having all the problems with:

copy \\smbsvr\disk_img\tr9032ins\TR9032win386ra7.exe

I thought the %username% would do the trick, but no luck. Next I tried:

copy \\smbsvr\disk_img\tr9032ins\TR9032win386ra7.exe

Still no luck!! Does anybody know what I can put there to get this line
to work???!!!

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