Samba and subnets

Kenneth Noel noelk at
Thu Nov 2 12:04:30 GMT 2000

Network neighborhood uses broadcasts, the packets won't cross the router.  I don't know much
about setting up routers but ports 137 138 and 139 need to be open on the router for network
neighborhood to work.

Find comput is the better way to have your users access the resources.


Glen Barwick wrote:

> Dear All,
>                 I am using samba 2.0.5a, recently our network was split into two subnets.
> Before that everyone could see the samba shares using Windows NT on our
> network, but now only the people in the subnet with the server can see it
> in Network Neighborhood.
>                 I have managed to add the server in question to an NT (PDC) and now can
> access it from the "find computer" in Windows NT, but still no Network
> Neighborhood.
>                 If someone could help me I would be most grateful.
> Thanks,
> Glen.
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