Matthew Keller kellermg at
Tue May 30 12:40:46 GMT 2000

Christian Duclou wrote:
> A SMP kernel does'it grow performance of a samba server?

	This is not true - As long as you're using a 2.2 kernel, "extra"
processors can SIGNIFICANTLY improve performance. I've used Samba on 1,2
and 4 processor machines, and depending on the volume of traffic, the
SMP boxes handle requests much faster, depending on your network. If you
have 200 users connected over a shared 10mb network, then your
bottleneck isn't going to be processor, its going to be bandwidth - But
if you've got fast disks, fast network (and/or multiple network
interfaces), and healthy memory then your processing power becomes a
major factor (esp. in large file transfers)

	I can't recommend a configuration without knowing how many users you
expect, and what kind of data is being transferred.


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