Group only, viewed share

Jeffrey W. Hampson jwhamps at
Tue May 30 22:06:51 GMT 2000

hello all,

I have a share that I would only like a partilcular group to be able to
ie. the user 'test' when navigated through network neighborhood should see
their home directory but not the share SCS. Only a user that resides in the
group SCS should see the share SCS apart from their home directory.

currently this is how I have the share set up in my smb.conf file.

am I missing something? why can test still see the SCS share?

path = /usr/home/SCSCAS/SCS
directory mode = 0770
read list = @SCS
write list = @SCS
public = no
force group = SCS

thanks for your help!

Jeff Hampson

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