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Jacob Bohn Lorensen jacob.lorensen at
Tue May 30 07:30:50 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Jörgen" == Jörgen Persson <jpn at> writes:

    Jörgen> Hi, I'm about to implement a Samba server acting as PDC
    Jörgen> for a 10 machines LAN - no fancy bells or whistles but
    Jörgen> plain authentication and filesharing (no, not even print
    Jörgen> spooler).

    Jörgen> Which branch/version shall I head for?

Depends on what your client machines are. Win95/98 go with
SAMBA-2.0.7. I think 2.0.7 can be a PDC for NT4.0 workstations too.

If you have Windows 2000 machines you are stuck with Samba-TNG wich is
alpha code. For testing purposes I have got samba-tng-2.5 up and
running and it seems to work enough for logon and roving user
profiles, which 2.5.3 does not. Explorer dumps core, though, if I try
to change file ownerships (i.e. something goes wrong when it tries to
get the users/groups from samba server). I hear password change does
not work. There's probably more.

With 10 or more clients I think you are in for a hard time telling
people what they can and cannot do depending on what works with your
version of samba-tng. Stay with the production version if at all


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