Win2k vs. SAMBA-TNG, some success, but problem with profile download

Jacob Bohn Lorensen jacob.lorensen at
Mon May 29 16:11:35 GMT 2000


I am tired of continually re-installing Windows 98 on my home PC's,
and am thus in the process of trying out Windows 2000 in the hopes
that it will turn out to be more stable.

I have tried installing a Windows 2000 partition on two computers (one
laptop and one desktop) and am experiencing the same two (unrelated)
problems on both.

My home server is running FreeBSD 4.0-STABLE.

I have compiled and installed as per the SAMBA TNG FAQ (Kneschke's
home page, I think it was).

1) It seems the Win2k clients can find and see the SAMBA-TNG PDC fine
   in that I cannot logon as a nonexisting user or with an invalid
   password. I can log on with my own username and password (created
   with samedit).

   However, I get a message saying that I am not allowed to connect to
   the \\server\profile share.

   If I clock OK to that message, I get logged on to the Win2k
   computer. Using "net use h: \\server\jacob" or "net use p:
   \\server\profile" I can connect to the [home] and [profile] shares
   with no problems!?!??

2) Probably completely unrelated to SAMBA, but I'll mention it
   anyway. Networking performance is extremely poor. FTP'ing files or
   copying files from a samba share gives me approximately
   35Kb/sec. If I boot Windows 98 I can FTP or copy files with 600-900
   Kb/sec (10 Mbit ethernet). This happens on both the laptop and
   desktop computer.

Now I realise that this is a development system and I cannot expect
things to work smoothly all the time. I have therefore tried various
versions of the SAMBA-TNG code (cvs update -D "three weeks ago", for
example) to see if things would work better in an earlier version, but
this seems not to be the case.

So the questions becomes: How do I best narrow down the problem? Last
time I diddled with the SAMBA code there were only two processes: nmbd
and smbd. Now there are several, and I don't really know which one(s)
would be responsible for authenticating the connection to the
[profile] share... but I would really like to help nailing down this

Thanks for your time,

Jacob Lorensen; Mosebuen 33, 1.; DK-2820 Gentofte, Denmark; +45 39560401
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