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I have Debian (slink and potato) too and I have Samba 2.06 acting very 
good as a PDC for my 25 NT-Workstations.
Just take the source and compile it with same options... it works much 
faster than a real NT-Server.

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> >     I am looking for .deb packages of samba tng. Where I can find 
them. I
> am
> > using Debian and compiling as a source is not good soluton fo me.
> >
> sorry, there aren't any pre-compiled versions of Samba-TNG aviable, and 
> is
> ok so, because TNG can be quite unstable..

    Yes but I need PDC in my network because in second domain (another IP 
is a real NT and I have problems. This NT can't use my wins for proxy in 

    Debian is i stabel solutions I have Slink current stable wersion but 
desktop is a Potato which is frozen with some debs from woody (unstable), 
solid-pop and php-admin. It works fine, I don't have problem and I am 
to upgrade Slink to Potato. One problem is NT domain and Samba-tng is a 

> If you still want to install it, look at:
    Thans for links.
    Marcin Jakubowski

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