NT joining Samba PDC domain

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at polimi.it
Mon May 29 08:08:47 GMT 2000

> "Jeffrey W. Hampson" wrote:
> When I attempt to join my NT server to my SambaPDC domain it prompts
> me for an account with permission to join the domain. I put in
> the NTserver name and the password I had set for it in smbpasswd.
> The error message that returns is " The credentials supplied conflict
> with an existing set of credentials"

" The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials"
this message come from an NT box when you have alredy connected to the
target host with another username/password, to avoid this you must
logoff and then log in again.
Howver the procedure you use to join a domain is not correct if you are
using samba 2.0.x

> If it helps to explain how I created the smb account. I first altered
> the passwd file to create a machine account like the intructions I
> have seen said to do. then I use : smbpasswd -a -m machinename.
> is there something I am missing?

if you want to join a domain with samba 2.0.x you must not provide
username and password if you want to join a domain.
As explained in documentation, you need to set a machine account on your
unix server with smbpasswd -a -m name$ the first time this command will
set the samba account, but will also set the default password (machine
name in lowercase letters). At this point to join the domain you simply
use the network control panel select the join domain option and set the
correct domain name, DO NOT select the "Create a computer account in the
domain" and DO NOT provide any password and then press ok.
If you need for any reson to rejoin the domain you have to enter a
Reset the password: smbpasswd machinename$ and set the password
machinename (ie. the Windows Machine Name in lower case letters)
Then rejion the domain with the previous instructions.

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