nt workstation in multiple domains

Bill Brandt brandtwr-samba at draaw.net
Sun May 28 16:39:13 GMT 2000

That is possible if the two domains have trust relationships, but my
understanding from the question posed was that the workstation was probably a
laptop and moved between domains that had nothing to do with each other.  Ex:  I
have domains with three separate organizations that my workstation logs into.
Because the workstation can only join one domain, I can only get that domain and
domains that it trusts in the logon drop-down box.  Since the different domains
belong to different organizations (which don't even recognize that each other
exist), the result is that the workstation won't allow a login to the other two

Basically, your right, you can allow logon to multiple domains, but they must be
part of an enterprise of trusting domains.  Otherwise, your workstation couldn't
possible have access to the userlist to allow it to have a local workstation
user permission to allow local logon.


On Sat, May 27, 2000 at 02:26:28PM -0700, moebius at ip-solutions.net wrote:
>Hey All,
>> Two answers:
>> 1.  No it's not possible.  Simply put a workstation can only be in one domain.
>> 2.  Now, a workstation does not even need to be in the domain to have access to
>> resources.  It only needs to get a login token with that domain.  95/98 don't
>> allow you to connect to another domain unless the userids are sync'd (because if
>> you try it will prompt for a password but not ask for a userid).  Now with NTWS
>> you can do the following:
>Bill I think that you are wrong about this. From memory we used to have 2
>domain which on the logon screen the user could select the domain to which
>they wanted to logon to. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I will also go
>back thru our old setup stuff and see if I can find out how we were doing
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