OT: browsing between subnets

Ondrej Hanak hanak at IRIS.osu.cz
Fri May 26 13:49:48 GMT 2000

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Edward Schernau wrote:

> isyn at isi.wat.waw.pl wrote:
> > 
> > > Except that this still won't show multiple domains in Network
> > > Neighborhood.
> > 
> > You have the same problem as I have...but there are 3 subnets in my LAN.
> > I have only some Win98 machines but they can se only  computers of the
> > same workgroup. Maybe this a problem of windows smb clients not smbd
> > server?
> Not sure, all I know is that I have 2 domains, with a samba/wins
> server on 1 subnet and the 2nd domain on another subnet.  All
> machines in question use WINS, but the browse list only contains
> the domain/workgroup that the samba server is local on.

We tried to solve cross-subnet browsing and i recognized that problem is 
in that: Domain-name/workgroup-name is only broadcasted on local net. 
In workgroup, domain master browser (DMB) does't exist (cause it is WORGROUP 
and not DOMAIN), so browsing scheme, as is described in BROWSING.TXT,
failed. Local master browser (LMB) in workgroup don't look for DMB. So they 
(LMBs of same workgroup in other segments) can't synchronize their browse 

Solution is to have all comuters in DOMAIN. But that's not all. You must 
have at min. 1 computer from one DOMAIN in other net segment, where is 
second DOMAIN. Than you will see both DOMAINS in browse lists on all 
computers. Of course !only! one WINS server must exist on network. And 
all client must be configured via DHCP with ip of that WINS.

Or better solution, if your both PDC are SAMBA, than you can use 
feature REMOTE BROWSE SYNC in misc options in SWAT. 

Hope this helps you.

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