OT: browsing between subnets

Scott Parish ssparish at pittstate.edu
Fri May 26 13:38:24 GMT 2000

Michael.Weisbach at de.ibm.com wrote:
> Hi.
> Maybe a easy OT question. What's the recommented values to get following
> szenario
> working:
>      subnet1:
>                with NT Server (not PDC) and clients
>      subnet2:
>                various clients currently not showing NT in browse-list
>      between a nmbd-only samba on UNIX
>      line "interfaces ="

If your address space for your subnets is contiguous as in the above scenario
you can experiment with supernetting:


This of course depends on what you are trying to do.  Do you want all your
clients to see everyone on the network?  Then give all the clients a new subnet
mask based on the supernetting scheme.  This is the approach we've taken at our
university to get around cross subnet browsing limitations.

If your subnets are not contiguous, then this won't work.

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