OT: browsing between subnets

isyn at isi.wat.waw.pl isyn at isi.wat.waw.pl
Thu May 25 19:32:29 GMT 2000

> Not sure, all I know is that I have 2 domains, with a samba/wins
> server on 1 subnet and the 2nd domain on another subnet.  All
> machines in question use WINS, but the browse list only contains
> the domain/workgroup that the samba server is local on.
Exacly... I have the same
For example if i have three workgroups...

If the smbd with wins support set on belong to workrgoup dino, that dino
is seen by computers from workgroup cyber and mamut
but dino doesn't see cyber and mamut.
Of course mamut and cyber see their selves


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