OT: browsing between subnets

Edward Schernau ed at schernau.com
Thu May 25 19:08:59 GMT 2000

isyn at isi.wat.waw.pl wrote:
> > Except that this still won't show multiple domains in Network
> > Neighborhood.
> You have the same problem as I have...but there are 3 subnets in my LAN.
> I have only some Win98 machines but they can se only  computers of the
> same workgroup. Maybe this a problem of windows smb clients not smbd
> server?

Not sure, all I know is that I have 2 domains, with a samba/wins
server on 1 subnet and the 2nd domain on another subnet.  All
machines in question use WINS, but the browse list only contains
the domain/workgroup that the samba server is local on.
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