Managing users for NT login to samba PDC

Michael Both michael.both at
Tue May 23 08:25:08 GMT 2000

>Typically, if you want a user to be a domain administrator:
>* create a Unix group to be the "Domain Admins" group, e.g. domadmin
>* Add the option "domain group map = <file>"
>* add this line in the file pointed to be the above (must be world
>  readable, afaik):
>        domadmin = "Domain Admins"
>* add the domain user's account on the Unix box to the domadmin Unix
>  group

This do not work as this option ist not supported with Samba 2.0.7. The
man page for smb.conf say, you have to use the option "domain admin
group" and "domain admin user", but it does not say how to use this

Has anyone samba 2.0.7 as PDC running with fully functional domain
admin group or user? Or does anyone know how to use the options "domain
admin group" or "domain admin group"?

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