Managing users for NT login to samba PDC

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Mon May 22 18:17:44 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Buchan" == Buchan Milne <bgmilne at> writes:

    Buchan> I have tried the following in the smb.conf file:
    Buchan> domain admin group = domadm
    Buchan> domain admin users = bgmilne
    Buchan> None of this worked. Did I use it wrong, or does it not work yet ...

Typically, if you want a user to be a domain administrator:

* create a Unix group to be the "Domain Admins" group, e.g. domadmin

* Add the option "domain group map = <file>"

* add this line in the file pointed to be the above (must be world
  readable, afaik):

        domadmin = "Domain Admins"

* add the domain user's account on the Unix box to the domadmin Unix

    Buchan> Do the following entries work, and if so how ?
    Buchan> domain admin group
    Buchan> domain admin users
    Buchan> domain groups
    Buchan> domain guest group
    Buchan> domain guest users

Are you using Samba-TNG?  All of the above are deprecated in
Samba-TNG.  The maps in combination with groups on the Unix side cover
all the functionality that the above were intended to provide.


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