Unable to join Domain from NT Server ...

Anthony Brock abrock at georgefox.edu
Mon May 22 14:30:02 GMT 2000

I updated against today's cvs this morning at 5-22-2000, 7:30, and compiled 
on my Sun Solaris 2.7 (64-bit) machine using gcc 2.95.2.  It compile 
smoothly.  I then uploaded the binaries to our Sun Solaris 2.7 (32-bit) 
machine which acts as our PDC, and started the software.  I removed an NT 
Server we had in the Domain, and removed it's entry from smbpasswd.  I then 
recreated the machine account, and attempted to join the domain.  I am not 
seeing any messages in the PDC logs, but when attempting to join, I receive 
the following message from the NT Server:

The domain controller for this domain cannot be located.

However, when attempting to login to another server (already a member), 
everything works properly.

1) I also noticed we still have the problem where it displays the 'root' 
home directory for people who attempt to access shares on the PDC instead 
of their own home directory.

2) When using rpcclient to test, I can successfully login as a regular user 
(using: ntlogin <username> <password>) but cannot login as 
DOMAIN\administrator despite a proper group and user map file.  I CAN login 
as DOMAIN\root.

3) Changing passwords DOES appear to work from rpcclient (YES!).

Any idea when or if joining the domain will be fixed?

Thanks for the great work!  This is a tremendous improvement over the code 
from a couple weeks ago.

* Anthony Brock                                         abrock at georgefox.edu *
* Director of Network Services                         George Fox University *

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