Managing users for NT login to samba PDC

Buchan Milne bgmilne at
Mon May 22 14:36:15 GMT 2000

Hi All,

Firstly, if there is a document describing user management and
permissions, could you direct me to it. Otherwise ....

I have recently set up a samba server as PDC to our mainly NT network.
It is logging users on ok, but I am having problem setting user

I have tried the following in the smb.conf file:
domain admin group = domadm
domain admin users = bgmilne

with me (login bgmilne) a member of the unix group domadm.

I also tried some options from "Using Samba" (version that ships with
domain group map = /etc/
local group map = /etc/

with /etc/ containg things like
wheel = BUILTIN\Administrators

None of this worked. Did I use it wrong, or does it not work yet ...

Do the following entries work, and if so how ?
domain admin group
domain admin users
domain groups
domain guest group
domain guest users

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