Martijn Damen damen at
Mon May 22 13:24:30 GMT 2000

> > I really need help, two weeks can not get samba working. Have a
> > RedHAT 6.1
> > System, with Samba-tng-2.5.3 installed. Samba does not works
> > (ntlogin from
> > samedit answers "No") and I can not understand what's wrong.
> Did you start all the deamons? not only smbd and nmbd.

Ik have the same problem. I have a test-network to try to get samba tng
working, but somehow the domain logon would not work. I made the users with
the samedit program (is there somewhere more documentation about that?? I
can't find it anywhere), but when I try to logon from the windows 2000 box I
keep getting the message "Error:  unknown username or invalid password".
Also the login from samedit with ntlogin doesn't work.

Please, who can help me a little bit further..

tnx, Martijn

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