After a NT crash, no directories on the NT is available!

mendes mendes at
Sun May 21 14:01:51 GMT 2000

	I had Samba running for almost a year without a single problem.
	Recently one of my colleagues received a virus-email which literally
mirrored the nt box with another nt box just across the room.  I had in my
hands two nt boxes with same directories, users and IP names. I managed to
recover the old nt box but samba is not the same anymore. The recovered nt box
can see the user home directories as before but both the linux and solaris
boxes can't browse the NT anymore.  I checked if the home directories had the
sharity option on and they had. I thought t was a samba problem but Sharity 2.3
has also the problem.
	I noticed that when trying smbmount sometimes a permission denied
message comes out.
	Would someone help me out?

Thanks a lot.


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