windows 2000 and samba as its PDC

Steffen Moser moser at
Sat May 20 16:42:20 GMT 2000


Imre Oolberg wrote:

> When i did it under administrator and gave my personal Samba username and
> password it repied 'The procedure number is out of range'
> I used samba 2.0.7 and compiled it like ./configure; make install
> and used the same smb.conf which worked great for NT logins and PDCing.
> I suspect i need some weird username&passord ie account to set up
> somewhere for joining the bloody 2000 into that domain. Please help me
> out!

"samba-2.0.x" cannot be used as a PDC for Win2k machines. AFAIK the only
solution to your problem is to use "samba-TNG" instead of "samba-2.0.x".


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