samba/TNG as PDC with WinNT4 as BDC

Kevin Colby kevinc at
Fri May 19 22:04:59 GMT 2000

This is all correct, but I haven't heard of any Unix variant that
doesn't include an MDA by default, and IMAP servers are easy to
come by.  Maybe I got this all wrong, but it sounded like you were
saying this was a drawback to using qmail, which simply isn't true.

	- Kevin Colby
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Paul J Collins wrote:
> >>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Colby <kevinc at> writes:
>     >> Hmm...  To the best of my knowledge, qmail is an MTA and does not
>     >> provide the kind of mail storage and accessing capabilties that
>     >> software such as Exchange and Cyrus IMAP (to name but two) provide.
>     Kevin> What capabilities?  IMAP is supported via imapd.
> But these capabilities are not native to qmail. (I should have also
> pointed out that Cyrus IMAP is not an MTA.)  qmail is nothing *but* an
> MTA.  All it can do is route mail and dump it somewhere, possibly in a
> fashion that Cyrus IMAP or imapd can take advantage of.
> Exchange is a big box of tricks that includes MTA stuff and central
> mail storage, as well as a quasi-directory and some other stuff I have
> probably forgotten about.  I will not make comments on quality of same
> as I am not an Exchange guru.
> Paul.
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