Registry entries via netlogon batch file

Peter Samuelson peter at
Fri May 19 20:27:40 GMT 2000

[Chris Tooley <ctooley at>]
> Is rpcclient a general term to several small little apps that do this
> sort of thing or is rpcclient a specific binary that is part of the
> Samba package?

Both, sort of.  There *is* a binary called `rpcclient', and that's what
I was thinking of, but at least in Samba-TNG there are other client
programs such as `net' and `samedit' which share a lot of code with
`rpcclient' and perform some of the same functions.

Like I said, this may not be applicable to your situation, depending on
whether you can get any version of `rpcclient' to cooperate with
Windows95.  Failing that, you can probably still do what you want with
a client-side logon script as per my last post:

> > You can give REGEDIT.EXE an import file (like the ones in
> > samba/docs/) and it will plug it right in.  (At least the
> > REGEDIT.EXE for NT....)  There's a flag for quiet/unprompted
> > operation, though I don't remember what it is.

Note that the "import file" can be created by using REGEDIT itself, the 
"export" menu item.


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