Recommendations for production environment needed

Kevin M. Myer kevin_myer at
Fri May 19 20:13:03 GMT 2000


I followed this list for some time about a year ago when I was working to
get the Samba HEAD branch working as a PDC, in conjunction with a LDAP
server.  I'm happy to say that it did become a reality and worked fine.  
However, I've since changed jobs and now have a larger project to work on
- consolidating our NT and Apple file/print servers onto a Linux box.  I
have read some of the mail archives and Lars' FAQ about Samba_TNG but I'm
still not quite sure which direction to take for my project.  My project
requirements and my proposed solutions are (need not be achieved by a
single program - for example, I'd be happy to run Samba HEAD to support
Win 95 clients and Samba_TNG to support the NT PDC stuff):

1)  NT PDC/BDC	(Samba TNG)
2)  SMB filesharing for NT (Samba HEAD)
3)  SMB filesharing for Win95 (Stable Samba 2.0.7 ??)
4)  AppleShare support (netatalk 2.1.4prewhateveritisbynow)
5)  LDAP integration with everything (OpenLDAP and/or Netscape DS 4.11)

I know the mantra about not using alpha quality software (but then again
people use NT 4.0 ;) in production environments but I would like to know
peoples' experience in using Samba TNG in conjunction with Samba HEAD.  
Is it _reasonably_ stable?  Are the bugs minor irritants or are they bugs
which affect the core components and core functionality?

What is the current status of LDAP support in TNG?  I sense from the
archives that its in flux and isn't fully functional.

I'm currently leaning towards going with a setup that is identical what I
worked out last year, since I know the basic parts of that work (but it
would be nice to have some of the features of Samba TNG that I read
about).  However, if there are abundant examples of working Samba TNG and
HEAD installs and if my testing shows it will work well, I may go with

Feedback anyone?


Kevin M. Myer
Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

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