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Thu May 18 23:29:51 GMT 2000

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>             Re: status of pam_ntdom, or is it winbind?
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>             Fri, 19 May 2000 08:57:42 +1000
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>             Matthew Geddes <mgeddes at>
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> Richard, you appear to have misunderstood the question. 
> It would appear that he was after the status of the PAM 
> stuff. \"to authenticate users on Unix via an NT 
> Domain?\".
> Dan Shearer was telling us the other night that it\'s now 
> possible to do the following on PAM-based systems:
> login: NT_DOMAIN\\Domain_User
> password: NT_password
> as well as things like chown and ls -l working.

And this is with PAM_NTDOM?  I thought I heard Luke talking
about winbind?  And, what sorts of /etc/ files are needed for
group ownerships, etc.

Or is this all on the SAMBA-TNG FAQ page?  =8-)


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