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>Isn't it obvious to anyone here, that if the book says 2.1, and the released 
>version is 2.2, then the 2.2 version would obviously be newer, and obviously 
>fulfill the requirement as the 2.1 versiion was intended to in the book?

The fact is that we cannot just stop Samba Version numbers at 2.0.x
Mainstream samba will NEVER fulfill the 2.1 requirments mentioned in the
book. All development towards PDC is in the TNG branch  and works very
differently from how 2.1.0 would have been described.

If it was possible that the behaviour of 2.1.0 would eventually be merged
into mainstream samba it would be a different matter, however when the PDC
stuff appears there, it will behave like TNG, not 2.1.0. So the book is
wrong, nothing can be done about that.

I have been using the 2.1.0 and 'HEAD' stuff for years, a book about it
that is unaware of TNG is no use at all in setting up TNG. 

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