Next stable version of Samba.

Ingo T. Storm it at
Thu May 18 22:24:03 GMT 2000

>Hmmm, you have to appreciate that people writing books on Samba can
only go
>on the best information available, and then things change.

Of course. Sorry, no offence in intended.

>Not many people have the time to do this, we are either writing code
>writing books or writing Samba courses ...

I think almost all that is needed was in your next mail;-)

>Well, there is Samba 2.0.7, which can authenticate users from Windows

>Then there is Samba TNG, which can handle Windows NT clients as well
NT5/Win2K clients

>Then there is the head code,

I didn't ask for a comprehensive analysis of the details, but a
summary of purposes and differences between the version along the
lines (2.0.7 = STABLE domain member, HEAD = DEVEL member and PDC, TNG
= DEVEL PDC + trusts)


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