Next stable version of Samba.

Kevin (HxPro) Wheatley hxpro at
Thu May 18 18:08:20 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Tag             Description
> ---             -----------
> HEAD            Main development branch corresponding to 3.0
>                 release
> SAMBA_TNG       Luke's experiemental development branch (mostly
>                 for PDC work)
> SAMBA_2_0_RELEASE       Corresponds to the release code (e.g 2.0.6,
>                         2.0.7, etc...)
> SAMBA_2_0       tree for 2.0 development (now proposed for 2.2)
> So work is done in HEAD, merged into SAMBA_2_0, and the
> becomes the release (while being snapshotted into SAMBA_2_0_RELEASE
> Any work done is TNG is merged back into HEAD as the code
> is reviewed.

>From my point of view the sooner the TNG code becomes mainstream the
better, especially Win2K, PDC<->BDC, etc.

I guess the other important factor is giving an order of magnitude
release date would be good to also include on the web site for the
various releases, perhaps along with a list of features included/aimed
to be included.

Sitting on the outside (on some of the lists) as I do, its quite easy to
see where the confusion comes from, perhaps a periodic status update to
the lists would be useful ?

I'd offer to do it myself but I have enough trouble trying to compile
and install the TNG bundles on my IRIX 6.5.8f box, (actually besides one
missing include, it's the install scripts which are the problem in the
latest one).

this is probably really asking for touble but ... has anybody considered
using linux like versioning to indicate stable vs not ? I guess that
doesn't solve the split branch problem, but then surely ay branch that
lasts too long from the main is asking for merge nightmares when you try
get it back into the main.

> Does this help everyone?

I hope so :-)


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