How to prevent Samba domain member become Domain controller?

Mohacsi Janos mohacsi at
Thu May 18 09:49:23 GMT 2000

Dear Sirs,
	I have a Samba 2.0.6 samba installed on a Digital Unix system.
I use the domain security scheme. Then Add machine to domain on the NT
Server. I set up Domain and Password server, then my samba server join to
Domain. The first strange thing that I  add samba server as a member
server of the domain, but the NT Server manager displays it as BDC, the
second strange thing is that: if the NT Domain controller is not reachable
for certain amount of time, then Samba server become real domain
controller, that  prevent users login to the domain, because some users
haven't got account on the unix machine.

	Which option should I set to prevent becoming domain controller
the samba server in security=domain?
	Thanks in advance,
		Janos Mohacsi

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