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Michael.Weisbach at de.ibm.com Michael.Weisbach at de.ibm.com
Thu May 18 08:29:39 GMT 2000

Hy community:)

Last week, I tested some LDAP-stuff but no success. Anyone out there, who
assist me getting this stuff running for a little test side?


     OpenLDAP 1.2.9

     Samba-TNG cvs-checkout - actual... seems broken?... there are
     LDAP-requests shown in /var/log/messages... is'nt it?

     Samba-TNG 1999-15-10... shown as in PDC-LDAP-Howto

What I need:

     Some instruction about filling LDAP with the right informations needed
     for SambaTNG - ldif-File, or so. A running sample-configuration would
     be fine. What's the minimum ACL-set in OpenLDAP I need therefore?

     Some scripts - I've seen a adapted useradd-Skript but could'n find
     them anymore :-(


     Does Samba+LDAP needs classical unix-accounts to work? I hope not so.

Greetz and TIA,

     -- Micha

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